Frequently Asked Questions

Bskinni FAQ’s:


Why Bskinni?

Other than the quick and lasting weight loss results, Bskinni aids in:

  • Activating fat burning hormones
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Reducing appetite and cravings
  • Firing up the metabolism
  • Improving overall mood and focus

What is the dosage?

Bskinni is a 30-day course. One tablet should be taken every morning after breakfast for 30 consecutive days – no need to skip days in between.

Tablets should be taken BEFORE 10:00am. At least 2.5L of water should be consumed daily while on the Bskinni course.

What are the ingredients?

Bskinni contains the following ingredients, all well known for their weight loss and fat burning properties.

Coleus Forskohli:

Coleus Forskohli assists your metabolism to break down fats more effectively.

The supplement stimulates the function of the thyroid gland, which in turn boosts the metabolism & thermogenesis (heat production). It assists in regulating insulin secretion, which keeps blood sugar levels stable and assists with the metabolism of fats and proteins. Finally, it increases your body’s cyclic AMP levels, which in turn activates protein kinase, a substance that facilitates the breakdown of triglycerides (the building blocks of fatty tissue)

Coffea Arabica L:

Coffea is a genus of flowering plants whose seeds, called coffee beans, are used to make various coffee beverages and products. It is a member of the Rubiaceae family. Green seeds were enriched in reducing sugars and free amino acids.

Yerba Mate:

Yerba Mate is a stimulant with an ingredient known as Mateine, similar to caffeine with less known side effects. Research has shown that Mateine can help increase your metabolism and increase your energy levels, burning fat in the process. Yerba Mate has a calming effect that make one less prone to stress eating/overeating.

Green Tea Extract:

A defined, decaffeinated green Teapolyphenol mixture isolated from Camelia Sinensis, a plant indigenous to Asia, with antiviral and antioxidant activities and potential chemo- preventive activity. Continous ingestion of Green Tea Extract high in Catechins, especially in high amounts reduces body fat.

Citrus Aurantium / Bitter Orange:

Bitter orange, also called Citrus Aurantium, Seville Orange and sour orange, stems from a tree and was originally indigenous to Asia and the Mediterranean but it is now cultivated in warm climates like California and Hawaii. As a weight loss supplement, Citrus Aurantium is marketed as an anorectic (appetite suppressant) which can increase weight and fat loss.

Chronium Polynicotinate 12%:

Chronium used as a weight loss product has shown that it can supplement and drastically reduce your appetite, melt fat and increase metabolism. Chronium enhances insulin receptor sensitivity and is useful for obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance and post-meal fatigue.

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL):

Pyridoxine, or vitamin B6, is one of eight B Vitamins. It assists the body by converting food into fuel, metabolize fats and proteins, maintains proper functioning of nerves, and produce red blood cells. Some experts also claim that vitamin B6 increases thyroid hormone function. The hormones produced by the thyroid gland enhances your metabolism. Benefits of increased metabolism is weight loss.

Do these products really work?

Everyone’s body is different, and your results will depend on your dedication to your goals, but also, your lifestyle. Some people lose weight faster than others, some lose more cm than kg.

Do not compare yourself to others. Your weight loss results will also be affected by your eating habits (if you do decide to follow a healthy eating plan, you will see results faster), drinking enough water is crucial, if you are more active than usual, you will lose weight faster, drinking alcohol may affect weight loss, the time it took you to gain the weight, your age (if you are over 40, you may not lose weight as easily as you did when you were 20) and some medical conditions (hormones, medication, blood pressure, thyroid), may have an effect on your weight loss progress.

That being said, we do our best to support our clients and we have an amazing track record if you look at all of our testimonials.

Should I exercise while using the Bskinni products?

It’s not absolutely necessary, but you will see results faster when you are more active.

Remember that muscle is denser than fat, so that by volume, it seems to weigh more. 1 kg of muscle occupies less space than 1 kg of fat.

Which eating plan/diet must I follow?

A sensible eating plan will however speed up results. If you wish, you can follow any diet, as long as you eat enough food. No starving! VERY IMPORTANT! Remember to drink 2 – 3 liters of water per day!

Will I gain back the weight I lost after I stop taking the products?

After reaching your target weight, maintain the weight loss by taking 1 capsule every second day until you finish 1 bottle. If you continue to eat balanced meals and not go overboard with junk food, you will not gain back the weight you lost. It is also advisable to do a detox.

Can men and women use the products?

Men and women can use all of our products.

Who should not take BSKINNI?

  • People on chronic medication.
  • People suffering from liver or kidney disease
  • People suffering from uncontrolled hypertension / heart disease /diabetes
  • People suffering from prostatic hyperplasia
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women (Safety not established)
  • Not suitable for people with porphyria
  • Persons younger than 16 and older than 65
  • Not suitable for people taking anti-depressants.